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jane kit bailey
 Posted: Jun 3 2014, 01:39 AM
29 years old
Jane’s father was a successful horse trainer for a time, but was eventually found guilty of fixing races and began his long exile in Kansas State, where Jane was born only a short time later. However, Jane is determined to remain clean and has made a go at escaping her father’s shadow. She is now an owner of her own private farm and has become a respectable but proud person in the industry.

Jane Kit Bailey
29. owner. owner. evangeline lilly.
Jane Kit Bailey

Kit or Bailey

age & date of birth
29, October/15th


owner, breeder

Topeka, Kansas

Father: Erick Bailey – Sixty-One, Racehorse Trainer (Banned/Retired) Mother: Addison Bailey – Fifty-Eight, Novelist

other important persons
Cousin: Terry Winner – 31, Gambler

patient, honest, determined, and perceptive

proud, strongly opinionated, judgmental, suspicious, and good looks

to win the derby, to become a mother, to learn to fly a plane

her father dying, her career crashing, drowning


Jane’s father started out as a young and extremely successful trainer. He showed great promise and all eyes of the racing world seemed to be watching him from his first day of consecutive wins. Then his ten minutes of fame ended. Erick Bailey was charged with illegal accusations: that he had fixed more than one horse race. When proven guilty, Erick Bailey was banned from racing altogether. He retreated from Kentucky to his father’s horse farm in Kansas, where he married Jane’s mother, Addison. Jane was born a year later. But Jane’s actual love for horses did not arrive until she was an early teenager. Her father had been adamant in keeping her as un-encouraged as possible when it came to the horses. Yet somehow, Jane found her way on her own, and that’s how it always went from there on. Jane learned to ride, mostly schooled by her mother, and outgrew her first pony at a rapid pace. She was ridiculously tall for her age. The tallest in her high school class and for a while she even played on the girl’s basketball team and took part in track meets.

But the horses drew Jane back again and she finally managed to make some friends. After she graduated from high school she did not go stumbling out into the world head first, instead she went straight to the nearest race track and began making promises and talking people up. Perhaps they didn’t trust her because of who her father was, but no one seemed to have fallen for it at first. She was only eighteen after all, and unfamiliar with the game. But Jane’s father wasn't. Somehow, Jane thought up the right words to convince her father that the farm needed a second chance. Her words may not have been the gentlest, in fact, they might even be called spiteful, but they did work. Erick would never go back, he couldn't, but that didn't mean he didn't still feel that old bit enthusiasm. It was almost inevitable. Once they established their partnership officially, Jane and Erick worked together for the next five years. Her father raised the horses and she picked the races. And although Erick never set foot on the turf ever again, Jane was always present to witness every loss and victory. She studied the importance of bloodlines and broodmares, and the development of young racehorses.

But as she grew in her knowledge, Jane put her sights on a much bigger step. In fact, it was probably a step to a completely different staircase than the one she was already climbing: Lexington, Kentucky. But Jane waited and filled her head with sense and reality. She was patient, and she saved, and spent and saved some more, until she had all she required to break from her father’s questionable shadow. Jane might never share her feelings about the split in partnership, and she would never ignore that fact that her father was still an important person in her life, not just an influence. Still, she went through with her plans to move to the capital of the equine world, where she had purchased a small but respectable horse farm in the country. Jane spent the following six years building a reputation of her own and with her horses. She became a hard presence to handle and fired several people, but she also became moderately successful in the short amount of years it had taken to create the foundation of her dream. And though not yet even one of the biggest names in racing, more than a few important eyes have learned to watch out for Jane Kit Bailey.


From her earliest experiences with her father, Jane has been repeatedly instructed to ‘always follow the rules’. And, she intends to follow them a lot better than Erick ever did. Jane can wait for just about anything now. She never starts anything too early or is ever in a hurry to get anywhere. She’s always been confident that if she's going somewhere, she'll get there. It’s a promise that anyone can depend on Jane for her honest opinion. She hates liars and will say everything she believes needs saying and nothing else. If anybody doesn't like it, she keeps on speaking the truth, no matter how it makes anyone feel. Although it is no rarity among good horsemen and women, determination is one of Jane's best and most deserving traits. When focused on a goal, Jane sees nothing else. She runs on her own promises of success and never lets anything go, especially her promises. Jane also has a strong sense of judgment, that's no well kept secret. But Jane is rather good at seeing the bad and the good coming her way, whether it is in horses or people, though she is less forgiving with the people.

Since she started from being her father’s shadow to her own boss, Jane has always seen the importance of any detail. Her mind is always exercising itself with opinions and brutal judgment, that she has benefited from it and gained a good eye for talent and potential. But perhaps the most notable trait among Jane's personality is not her instinct or insight, it is her pride. And it’s just about as high as she holds her chine. Suspicion is something Jane does not suffer from very often. But there are times when she does get the feeling, that it has such a strong influence on her mind, that she has in fact faltered once or twice in her march to success. It’s the only thing that has ever truly toppled Jane from her high horse. When Jane gets to judging that’s when she get’s really mean, almost like a bully. She takes anything and everything to heart. Even the smallest misstep or impression can put any person on her list of disapprovals. But Jane does have a positive attitude as well, even if it’s not as strong or as common as the negative. Jane can laugh and enjoys good humor. She also loves children.

soldier. 18. central. they'er off.
 Posted: Jun 3 2014, 06:19 AM
too many years old
hola! i am one of the site's admins! i love writing and literature, and aspire to become a well-known author sometime, but until then i would love to spend my time roleplaying horses and their humans. i am currently the proud owner of five horses, and ride/compete with my thoroughbred mare. if you have any questions about anything on the site or about myself feel free to message me and just ask!
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i met you in the summer. to my heartbeats sound. we fell in love. as the leaves turned brown. and we could be together baby. as long as the skies are blue. you act so innocent now. but you lied so soon. when i met you in the summer.

welcome to hc! remember to make all your claims and most of all have fun!

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