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 It's my kind of place~ {Andrew}
wyatt cael price
 Posted: Jun 9 2014, 11:17 AM
27 years old
Ranch Hand
barn staff

Andrew King
Sorry this took so long ... I was heavily distracted myself ^^;;
It's my kind of place.
Just walking through the front door, puts a big smile on my face.
As he opened the door, he had to let his eyes adjust to the dimly lit dive-bar before him. Wyatt held back for a moment, so he could take it all in as he glanced around. The cigarette smoke would have been enough to clear any random window shopper out of the general vicinity of this establishment. A small group of burly guys were shooting pool in the corner. A few people had already taken a seat at the bar, while others grazed from the plates they had ordered from the kitchen. He observed all the fake antiques and knick knacks that cluttered the room, and were covered in a solid layer of dust. But after a little while, a smile lit up his features. It was one of his favorite places to go while in the city, and he was glad he made the decision to stop by.

Wyatt proceeded to the wraparound bar in the back of the building. As he moved across the scuffed wooden floor, his hard sole, work boots added another unique noise to the commotion already in the area. He took a seat on one of the stools towards the edge, and waited for service. He didn't have to wait long, for the bartender showed up almost immediately. The place was pretty empty, so there wasn't a lot of customers to check up on. Though, that is how it usually was.

"What'll it be?" the older guy asked. Wyatt already knew what he wanted, so it didn't take him long to order.

"Jim Beam ... neat." It was his favorite whiskey.

As he continued to wait, he read his surroundings. There were various old-school beer signs that decorated the walls. Most were advertisements for brands that no longer existed. A few of them actualy made him chuckle to himself, but most were just stupid. Then there were some that he just didn't understand. Like this one. It said "The only reason why I wake up every afternoon" ... because you were trying to sleep off a hangover? Or to get drunk again? Whatever. Wyatt had read these signs over and over again through the years, to the point where he had memorized most of them.

"Here you go." His drink was set in front of him, and he immediately picked it up and took a small sip. The strong taste of oak in the Kentucky bourbon was one of the few material things he truly enjoyed.
andrew james king
 Posted: Jun 10 2014, 09:56 AM
28 years old
andrew always lived the high life. he has taken advantage of his wealth, and still does. known for his extreme partying habits and impulsive actions he may not have the best reputation around the track, but haters gonna hate!
PLAYED BY nevaeh
hands up. hands high. don't go screaming if i hit you with a bang. live fast. die young. bad girls do it well.

andy had just finished up at the track where he managed to sell one of his best fillies. he was happy to see her go to a good home, but he knew that she had quite a bit of potential. with his luck he may have just sold the next triple crown winner, but at least he got a pretty penny for the little firecracker, and now he planned on spending some of it.

pulling open the door to one of his favourite bars, he nodded to a few of the guys playing pool in the corner. normally, he would do a round. make some high stakes and have some competitive fun, but first he wanted something to take the edge off. andy's favourites were strong shots or vodka, but sometimes a nice beer was refreshing. tonight as he ambled up to the bar, he sat down next to a man not really caring to recognize whomever it was, and decided to start off with a kick.

"vodka," he said. his arrogant attitude showing through with his lack of manners. taking it from the table he quickly downed it and got another one, before he felt a little something. it wasn't much. years of drinking had numbed him a little to the true effects of alcohol, so it took him a little bit more to get 'drunk.'

he turned around on the bar stool, now sipping a cold beer that tasted bitter on his tongue. his eyes caught the familar face of wyatt price sitting on the stool next to him. "wyatt," andrew said with enthusiasm, as he offered his hand, and the two did a little masculine hug. the rich boy had met wyatt once in this exact same bar, and the two hit it off. ever since they have stayed in touch quite a bit, but lately with all the races and mares foaling and such, andy just didn't have much time.

"what's new?" he asked, taking a quick swig of his liquor.

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