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 Beautiful Horses, [OPEN]
aaliyah grace monroe
 Posted: Apr 21 2014, 06:19 PM
34 years old
Dressage rider
Ali or Ali Grace
A lovely woman devoted to the life of a dressage rider. She loves her husband, she loves horses, and while she has a tendency to worry, she is always going to be the one that will stay positive as much as she can.
I may stumble, I may fall, but I will never lose hope and I will never quit

graceful, strong, confident
tag: Open
words: 542
notes: I really hope it makes sense!
Ali had wanted to get out for awhile. She was antsy around the large estate she owned with her husband. She didn't have dressage practice, which was unusual, but then she later found out her trainer was sick, so she couldn't do anything about it. She only trusted one trainer, and one trainer only, and that was all there was to it. She didn't want to put herself in the hands of anyone that she didn't know or trust, and she had even told her husband that. Luckily, Jacob was always very understanding of her and never tried to push her, and that was what she loved about him. She wasn't the type to settle for anything but what seemed right to her, and just letting someone train her or her prized dressage horses was just not an option. It was the last thing she wanted. It was the last thing her husband wanted. He made good money from the business of owning, selling, and betting on horses. Of course, Jacob had always gotten into the racing business as well as learning what he could about the sport that Ali chose to do. Ali just couldn't get into the racing thing it all. It wasn't something she wanted to get into either.

Jacob was going out with a few friends of his that he had met in his business, so that left Ali to do her own thing. Though, that wasn't something Ali minded to much, because while she loved her husband, and he loved her, they respected each others need for space that they both had at times. You might love the person, but there was no possible way to be with them twenty four seven. It just couldn't be done. So she had the plan of going to the Kentucky Horse Park. She loved the place very much, and had been a few times. She had even taken her husband a few times and Jacob enjoyed it too. He loved watching the horses that people would ride and lead around, and as did Ali, so she decided to have a day of it and get a little time to herself. Being around horses after all, to Ali, was one of the best therapies that she could think up. Horses where a way for Ali to channel her stress into letting it flow away. That's what horses, and dressage for that matter, provided for her. It was just an outlet that when she couldn't rely on anything else, she at least knew that she could rely on a horse.

She was dressed sensibly. Black heels, brown slacks with a white loose one shoulder shirt. She had on golden jewelry, and her mid back length silken black hair flowed over her shoulders. Her dark skin was just brought out more by the ensemble. She made her way to the park. She put on her sunglasses as she walked around the Horse Park, smiling as she waved at people, said hello, and watching the horses of course. She wished she was riding today, as she let herself marvel at a woman who was riding in one of the venues they had at the park, but today just wasn't her day apparently.
robb stark

charlie teague forewood
 Posted: Jun 17 2014, 08:14 AM
26 years old
Owner & Trainer
Quick-witted, clever, humorous and charming Charlie's a good guy with some physical problems that he's not afraid to show when it comes to it - but he's having more good than bad days.

tag: Aaliyah
words: 445
notes: hope this is ok?

Bless my heart, bless my soul
I don't know where I'm gonna go
Charlie had been surprised when a quick mental calculation that morning had informed him of the fact he literally hadn't left his own property in four days. There had been enough groceries, PT had been canceled for a day, and there were few other reasons for him at the moment to leave. There were plenty of people around on daily basis, so he wasn't wholly a shut-in. However, he was smart enough to know that it might not be the best of signs, and given that he felt pretty good today, he figured he'd chance it... Though not by driving his own car, which was still collecting dust in the garage. He wanted to, sometimes, but other than using the tractor to equalize the arenas he hadn't really operated cars, vehicles or heavy machinery since.

Better safe than sorry, after all.

However, given that some of his boarders lived in that general direction, he and Nobu had hitched a ride with one of the boarders, the Tosa content in the back of the pick-up, Charlie easily chatting with the woman who rode the buckskin paint. He was better with horses than names, sometimes, but she'd been able to laugh at it quite heartily and may be fostering the desire to get him up on her paint so that he knew who he really identified with her. Or vice versa. She'd even been nice enough to drop him right at the entrance, which he had thanker her profusely for.

He wasn't all that fond of putting a leash on Nobu -if the Tosa Inu wanted to leave him behind, he would; he was roughly the same weight as Charlie himself and far fitter- but the rules were the rules, so he had actually hoisted the dog into a harness and a collar, attaching the leash to both. There were some small patches on the harness, signaling that he was a seizure response dog if you looked close enough, but he really hadn't felt like getting the black dog in brightly colored vest. If he wanted people to pay attention, he'd figure out a better way. Whistling softly to himself, he slowly wandered off, enjoying the general atmosphere until he found himself looking at a woman putting a dressage horse through its paces with the familiarity and ease that spoke of years of practice. He paused, admiring the duo for a moment. He rode dressage, sure, but it was practice more than dancing with a horse. "Now that looks good," he muttered under his breath, unaware that there were actually people close enough to hear. Not that it was something that should remain unheard - rather the contrary.

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