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 TURNER, PRESLEY A., cintia dicker, boarder, 25
presley ann turner
 Posted: May 20 2014, 04:41 PM
twenty-five years old
Account Management

presley ann turner
25. account management. boarder. cintia dicker.
"hey there, thank you for coming today. please, sit down and get comfortable, this hopefully shouldn't take too long. when you're ready... let's just start off with your name or whatever names you may go by."
Hey, my name is Presley Ann Turner - my mom had a thing for the king and my dad likes interesting names. I mostly go by Presley, but some people can get away with "Pres" a few close friends even dare make elvis jokes.

"awesome! thank you so much, we love your name by the way. now to move on, just let us know how old you are and when your birthday is."
February 2, 1989 which makes me 25 a few months back now.

"wow, you're getting old aren't you? i'm kidding, i'm kidding. anyway, how about you go on and tell us about some of your interests."
okay well I ride, I absolutely love it - hunters and jumpers but I have spent some time in the dressage arena.
I am kind of a fashion freak, in regards to every day clothes and even at the barn for me and my horses. I really do like to be on top of the trends and try to look well dressed at all times - it's a good thing my job supports the fashion I adore.
Music, I really wish I could actually sing. I can carry a tune, nothing spectacular but I always wish I was more musical. I am always humming, I love concerts and a variety of music. It is always on in the car and the house. Tied into that is my love for musicals and Broadway - it is so passionate.
Coffee. It's a problem, it really is. I have an addictive personality and am one of the fortunate few that can drink coffee at all hours of the day with no consequence. Resultantly I am slightly addicted, I won't even lie. If I make less than three trips to starbucks in a day I am doing well.
Driving, I know it's weird I don't even like cars or pay that much attention. My Audi is my baby and I love driving, anywhere really. In traffic or down country roads I don't care. Fact is if I'm not behind the wheel I am probably sleeping but I am a huge fan of road-trips, I love to haul my own horses assuming I can get the time off work.

"good, good we will keep that in mind for secret santa! now, why not go ahead and let us know of some of the things you don't like."
I really dislike it when people take the easy way out in presentation, in every day life how hard is it to find a shirt without a stain? I don't care if it's a schooling show, please clip your horses whiskers.
I dislike it when people are late, I am a busy person if we have a meeting at 6:30 by 6:40 I am likely headed towards the door.
It's terrible and I know it but I am really not a fan of small children, heck children in general scare me!
Spinach, I can't bring myself to be convinced it's good. If I can't taste it that is fine, but as fresh leaves in a salad - no thank you!
The doctors, I hate it. I would rather go to the dentist office - hospitals are even worse.

"now that we've got some of that personal stuff out of the way, it's going to get- well- more personal. if you don't mind can you tell us about your background, any family or important people in your life, where you are from, feel free to share as much as you want.
I was born in the big apple, New York New York, my mother was and is an event planner and my dad works in banking, the investment kind. I was an only child, almost killed my mother when she had me but they didn't mind as they weren't planning on having any more children. I grew up in the big apple, we were middle to upper class and as an only child I was spoiled. I really did have the best of the best, my parents stopped at nothing to provide the best education and all the options I wanted. As a result I have been riding and showing most of my life.
I was enrolled in the basics growing up, my mom got back to work quickly but luckily her mom, grammy, took wonderful care of me. For that reason my folks never went the nanny route, I was however enrolled in the best of schools from an early age as they are pro-education and keeping up with everyone else in their class. I had a series of childhood friends, I was a social being and still am. I made friends easily and got along with most people, my best friends were at the barn and those were the ones I held onto. Quite a few of them I still manage to keep in touch with, mostly actually at horse shows. I lived my entire childhood in the same house, right downtown in order to cater to the lifestyle we lived, the place holds a lot of firsts. My parents never had the heart to sell it, right now it is rented to some friends of theirs but the place holds a special place for me. I graduated highschool in New York and decided to head to Stanford for business, the riding team was a total bonus. Had a series of firsts, got into some serious trouble and produced the worst marks of my life in the first semester. I did however manage to meet the worlds greatest guy, also a rider. We hit it off instantly and were pretty much attached at the hip for the rest of my university experience. Half way through the four year bachelor I decided to change the direction of my business degree, the number route my father wanted me to take was far from entertaining. Instead I found myself successful in communications, sales and the advertising aspect.
I graduated with honours and job offers to boot, though thanks to my folks I actually took a year off and "backpacked" all over the world with my best friend and boyfriend - it was a total gong show, we got into many messy situations but the memories are ridiculous. It was the longest stretch since of no riding I had been through since I started the sport, I was used to riding multiple horses a day many rides and lots of shows. However the break was nice, we were both ready to get back to it after 11 months, and as a result the last few weeks of travel were stressful. I don't remember what started the fight that blew everything up completely but it doesn't really matter any more. We haven't spoken since we got home over two years ago. I moved away, to the waiting job in account management and was recently transferred here - the company is a dream and of course I still have the horses, life is going well.

"okay, that is out of the way, now that you've told us about your past, can you tell us about your future? your hopes, dreams, goals, fears for the future, any plans you might have."
Well I never wanted children growing up, but every now and then there is a slight maternal nature in me. It is usually cured by some wailing child but part of me thinks a family would be wonderful. Though in my closer future I would love to move up within my job. More riding is always a goal, and I hope to meet some more people in town, make friends and maybe find someone to trust again.

"don't worry we are almost done, i promise. next i'm just going to need you to tell me some of your personal strengths and weaknesses."
My strengths certainly peak with my riding, I've been told again and again that I should consider riding for a living. However I have used my people skills to my advantage, I am pretty good at getting along in a group or one on one. I am pretty good at managing time and people, it's why I have my job. I also bake a mean cake, not so great at cooking but my baking skills are pretty impressive. On the other hand I am far from a great liar, I was never any good at it - even as a kid. I also have a tendency to get obsessed and over think things, I lose hours of sleep at night if I get something stuck in my mind. Finally I am irrational about being on time, when people are late it bothers me and I only wait around for so long. I should really get some patience but then again, people could just be on time.

"final two questions, i promise. how would your friends describe you?"
My friends seem to think I can be the life of the party, I am always up for a good time and love a good laugh. They know I love to joke around but am quite capable of being professional and serious when need be.

"last question. now that we know what your friends would describe you, what do you think you like, what are you really like?"
I honestly believe I fly by the seat of my pants most of the time, I love a good conversation and laugh but am actually far more self-conscious than anyone will ever know. I really do get nervous, I am actually just good at hiding it - I feed off of other people and make myself the brunt of jokes to hide it. I do like to agree that I can be a good time, and the whole professional thing is pretty bang on, the older I get the easier it is.

"alrighty. thank you for putting up with all our questions today and we hope you have a great rest of your day."
Hey, it was no problem. I enjoyed chatting, hope to hear from you again! Have a great day!

madi. 22. GMT-8. they're off.
 Posted: May 26 2014, 06:39 AM
too many years old
hola! i am one of the site's admins! i love writing and literature, and aspire to become a well-known author sometime, but until then i would love to spend my time roleplaying horses and their humans. i am currently the proud owner of five horses, and ride/compete with my thoroughbred mare. if you have any questions about anything on the site or about myself feel free to message me and just ask!
PLAYED BY nevaeh
i met you in the summer. to my heartbeats sound. we fell in love. as the leaves turned brown. and we could be together baby. as long as the skies are blue. you act so innocent now. but you lied so soon. when i met you in the summer.

welcome to hc! remember to make all your claims and most of all have fun!

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