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 forward progression, neveah/kenzie
natalie andrea espinosa
 Posted: May 27 2014, 06:47 PM
24 years old
stable hand
24 year old closeted eventer, still recovering from a bad injury and a worse breakup
PLAYED BY smokey
barn staff

Natalie was having one of her slow days, where she'd woken up stiff and sore, her leg was feeling more useless than a piece of old driftwood, and she found herself leaning on every available surface she could find as she ran her errands. So, she found herself at the tack shop at the end of her day, exhausted, trying to maintain enough energy for the person behind the counter to find the supplements for Jacks that she'd had put aside. This was the whole reason she'd done this - so she could waltz on in and waltz on out without wasting any of her precious time. 'well, uh,' Natalie tried not to sigh, put on her weary smile. 'I'll just be looking around when you've got yourself sorted out.'

Not that Natalie didn't love the tack shop. She wasn't usually one for impulse buys, but she tended to bring home a lot of random new stuff from the tack shop, especially from ones this size. And she had been thinking of buying matching turnout boots for her show rug. Maybe a nylon halter that matched Nat's hunt coat? It would be so cute. It was all in hunt green, was there a colour that accented that, that would look good? She tried to conceal her limp, walking down aisles of lavish western saddles. She considered a new pair of stirrups, or a martingale, the one she had for everyday use was just about falling apart. There was just so much to choose from - another reason she should never have walked in past the front counter.

And, oh, it was almost fly season!

Natalie settled on a sturdy-looking bucket, and a bright rainbow-coloured lead that she would always be able to recognize as hers. She was stuck on whether or not she needed a raincoat for her dog when the cashier called her back over, finally having tracked down her horse's supplements. Natalie swore that this animal ate better than she did, a balanced diet of grains and vegetables and all these expensive-ass supplements. Natalie had eaten a handful of honey shreddies and two cups of coffee, and was thinking about picking up chinese for supper, and god knows what went into that.

kenzie leigh marrazzo
 Posted: May 28 2014, 04:21 PM
26 years old
kenzie is a young aspiring author. she is originally from edmonton, alberta but has lived in kentucky for quite some time now, starting when she moved for university. she has a rough past living on the streets, but that is her past, and something she refuses to let control her life.
PLAYED BY nevaeh
i howled at the moon with friends. and then the sun came crashing in. but all the possibilities. no limits just epiphanies. i'm never gonna look back. whoa, I'm never gonna give it up. no, just don't wake me now.

kenzie parked her bright red jeep in one of the few empty spots in the lot. she needed to pick up some new shampoo for her boy, plus browsing the large store was always fun. she always managed to come up with a reason to buy an item she didn't truly need, but that's the fun in shopping!

throwing her black one-shoulder bag over her head, she headed towards the entrance. her classy black high tops making a thunk with every step she took. the beat of her feet against the asphalt continued on the tile floor inside the shop. taking a deep breathe, she moved towards the back where she would find the grooming products. the smell of leather and saddle soap greeted her welcomely and she felt safe here. reaching for her special shampoo specifically for thick-haired horses, she twisted it in her hands, before heading towards the treats aisle. kenzie was sad to say she knew the whole store layout and had it committed to memory, since she had been here so many times. she even knew some of the employees of whom she greeted.

brushing back one of her loose brown curls that snuck it's way to her chocolate brown eyes, she hummed a summer tune. a calm and serene grin danced on his pale pink lips. kenzie always appeared very happy and carefree. it was just one characteristic about her. she could be secretly having a mental breakdown, yet her expression would stay the same nonchalant way it had all her life. she had quite the tongue on her, and could get quite hot at times, but anytime she wasn't losing her temper, she was pretty easy.

taking a note of the hole in the stack of treats, she walked sauntered towards the front counter, with her lips slightly pursed, yet she still managed to rub her fingers along every piece of tack as she went. stopping to admire a beautiful show saddle decorated in huge amounts of silver. of course, the price tag on it would be pretty hefty, and kenzie didn't even bother to look.

"hey, do you happen to have any of the 'stud muffin' treats in stock?" she asked the employee whom she didn't recognize, behind the counter. watching as he shuffled off to find max's treats, she continued to wander aimlessly. it appeared she were the only one in the store until she saw another women walking around as well. kenzie was feeling extra generous today, and so she casually walked up to her, not being too obvious. "hello," she greeted, her tone light and airy. "how are you, today?"

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