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 walking on sunshine ;, open
kenzie leigh marrazzo
 Posted: May 24 2014, 06:39 AM
26 years old
kenzie is a young aspiring author. she is originally from edmonton, alberta but has lived in kentucky for quite some time now, starting when she moved for university. she has a rough past living on the streets, but that is her past, and something she refuses to let control her life.
PLAYED BY nevaeh
i howled at the moon with friends. and then the sun came crashing in. but all the possibilities. no limits just epiphanies. i'm never gonna look back. whoa, I'm never gonna give it up. no, just don't wake me now.

kenzie smiled as she strode down the large main aisle way towards max's box stall. he resided in the last one on the right and you could always tell it was his, because he constantly had his head sticking over the door. a look of anticipation in his eyes, he gave her a small nicker. "i know it's breakfast time!" her voice was thick as she reassured her gelding.

the sun had just begun to come over the horizon and it sent a soft romantic feel throughout the facilities. the young women had wanted to come out to the barn before anyone else and before the sun got to hot. with the temperatures warming up it could get pretty hot with the sun blaring on your back as you rode, which made for an uncomfortable ride.

the bolt slid open easily, and she slid the door open. some horses would have ran out and tried an escape, but after a few years max was polite enough to wait until she motioned with her arm before stepping onto the clean cement. his hooves clanked as she walked, him following gayly along behind her. his little black ears twitching with every movement and sound that emanated from around the barn full of horses. whoah. she commaneded and he happily obliged as she leaned down to grab a curry comb from her grooming bucket.

starting at his neck she worked her way all around his body before repeating with a dandy brush. his coat was covered in thick hair, that could be hard to manage, but due to kenzie's consistent grooming he stayed looking spotless and shiny. moving onto the next step, she quickly grabbed her western saddle and saddle blanket from the tack room. she left max standing by himself at liberty, as she always did. she was a local celebrity for the work she had done with the gelding. since he was extremely head-shy she choose to not use any head equipment. it was a relationship built on trust and respect, and one she couldn't imagine living without.

just as she expected him to be he stood still as a statue. his rear leg cocked, his head level with his whithers, as he waited patiently for his girl. giving a small grin, she placed the pad on his back, rolling out the wrinkles, before putting the heavy saddle on. his ears motored around their axis, but the rest of him stayed still,as she cinched the saddle and did a quick look over. everything seemed good. "come along max," she said as led him out of the open barn door towards the gravel driveway.

her tobiano gypsy vanner glanced around the empty yard, but didn't flinch as kenzie gave her cinch a check and then mounted up. she settled herself nicely, before grabbing some mane more so to have something to hold, that for an actual purpose, and then clucked with her tongue. she thought this sunday would be a good day to get out of the arena, and head out on a well-deserved trail ride.

her hips swung to marvelous max's rocking gait as they headed towards the entrance to the trail path. the song birds chirped happily, and she could hear the slightest sound of the river they would soon encounter as it ran and bumped against the rocks. the sun beat down on both horse and rider, and kenzie was glad she choose to wear a plain white tank top accented with black horizontal stripes, and her plain old blue washed jeans. of course, you can't forget the blinged out cowgirl boots that she wore everywhere, and the beige hat that sat perfectly perched on top of her crazy brown curls.

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