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 Price, Wyatt C., Scott Eastwood, Barn Staff
wyatt cael price
 Posted: Jun 7 2014, 04:38 PM
27 years old
Ranch Hand
barn staff

wyatt cael price
28. ranch hand. barn staff. scott eastwood
"Hey there, thank you for coming today. please, sit down and get comfortable, this hopefully shouldn't take too long. When you're ready... let's just start off with your name or whatever names you may go by."

Well, my first name is Wyatt, so that's what I typically go by. Sometimes people will shorten it to Wy, or they'll give me a nickname, call me by my last name. You know, the typical.

"Awesome! thank you so much, we love your name by the way. Now to move on, just let us know how old you are and when your birthday is."

I was born March 21, in 1986. So, I'm 28 years old.

"Wow, you're getting old aren't you? I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Anyway, how about you go on and tell us about some of your interests."

Well, I grew up on a farm, so animals and hard work mean a lot to me. My sister and I pretty much grew up on horses together. Traveling across the country to compete in rodeos are always fun. Meeting new people, making friends, that sort of thing. I also enjoy hunting and fishing. I like to combine my interest of riding and hunting into mounted shooting. That's pretty fun. And then of course there is good ol' country music.

"Good, good we will keep that in mind for secret santa! Now, why not go ahead and let us know of some of the things you don't like."

It irritates me when people are too detail oriented to move forward. I was taught that things aren't always going to be perfect, and I think you have to know when to say "That's good enough." Another would be when someone gets too clingy to certain objects, or overly dependent on their phone. When I have a conversation with someone, I give them my full attention, and I expect the same. I think it's very disrespectful when you're talking to someone in person, but at the same time, you're texting someone else. Which brings me to my next point. I'm not a big fan of electronics, there is too much work to be done to be lazy and play video games. Though the one thing that will definitely set me off is being lied to. I can be a little jealous some times and quick to anger, but that's no excuse to lie to me about something. Then finally, I dislike nosey people. I'll let you know if I want you to know something, otherwise, stay out of my personal affairs.

"Now that we've got some of that personal stuff out of the way, it's going to get- well- more personal. if you don't mind can you tell us about your background, any family or important people in your life, where you are from, feel free to share as much as you want."

Like I said earlier, I grew up on my parent's farm. My little sister is my only sibling, and by the time we were able to walk, we were riding horses. My dad saw us as free help. He taught us to ride, and then he started us out cutting and such. As I got older, I started competing in a junior division of team penning with some of my buddies. My sister wasn't really interested in competing. She just liked riding for fun ... and of course to help dad out. Though, my buddies and I eventually decided later that it wasn't enough excitement anymore. We got into bull riding and bronc busting in our late teens. Then through our early twenties we did wild horse races, and we did that for years. We actually made a pretty great team. We won quite a few times. But when I shattered a few of my ribs, I decided that I had enough excitement. Now I work on a ranch as a hand. I like to ride for fun still, and I even compete in team penning some ... just at a more relaxed level.

"Okay, that is out of the way, now that you've told us about your past, can you tell us about your future? your hopes, dreams, goals, fears for the future, any plans you might have."

Just the traditional american dream I suppose. Start a family with the woman of my dreams. I'd like to teach my kids how to handle horses like my dad taught me.

"Don't worry we are almost done, i promise. next i'm just going to need you to tell me some of your personal strengths and weaknesses."

For strengths, I'm definitely a hard worker. I show up early, and I don't stop until the task at hand is complete. I don't complain, and I'm certainly not a liar. I'm responsible, and I'm horse smart. Weakness, well I'd like to say I don't have any, but I'm not perfect. Like I said earlier, I can be jealous every now and then. I'm hot-headed and have a short temper. I drink occasionally, which usually has a bad outcome. I'm generally pretty competitive ... which would normally be a good thing. But I'm aggressive and obsessive when it comes to competition.

"Final two questions, i promise. How would your friends describe you?"

Uhh ... probably stoic. Slightly anti-social. An awesome drinking buddy. A great rider. Hard worker. Dedicated. Strong sense of morals. Reckless. Stupid at times. Crazy temper. Serious about everything. And maybe even a Workaholic.

"Last question. Now that we know what your friends would describe you, what do you think you like, what are you really like?"

I try to be fair, and I usually have good intentions in mind. I'm pretty blunt, which can make me seem like a jerk. I'm not going to think about something that I wouldn't say out loud. But other than that, what they will tell you is pretty spot on. I don't think I have that bad of an attitude, though.

"Alrighty. thank you for putting up with all our questions today and we hope you have a great rest of your day."

No problem. I aim to please.

Har. 18. central. they're off.
 Posted: Jun 7 2014, 09:28 PM
too many years old
hola! i am one of the site's admins! i love writing and literature, and aspire to become a well-known author sometime, but until then i would love to spend my time roleplaying horses and their humans. i am currently the proud owner of five horses, and ride/compete with my thoroughbred mare. if you have any questions about anything on the site or about myself feel free to message me and just ask!
PLAYED BY nevaeh
i met you in the summer. to my heartbeats sound. we fell in love. as the leaves turned brown. and we could be together baby. as long as the skies are blue. you act so innocent now. but you lied so soon. when i met you in the summer.

welcome to hc! remember to make all your claims and most of all have fun!
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